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Refuge in the Buddha

What does refuge means?

Refuge means taking shelter for protection. In a little deeper sense, it means surrendering self to the Higher Power with the trust that It will guide and guard the refugee against all forms of negativity. In other words, taking refuge will help the refugee from moving out of the darkness towards the love and light on the path of enlightenment.

Do you feel a need of doing some self-introspection to see where exactly you are heading towards in your worldly journey?

Do you sometimes feel that the karmic debts have drained you so much that life has become full of despair or gloom? 

Whatever the answers are! Let’s find some clarity in Buddha’s teachings.

the physical existence, Buddha has given the three jewels where one can take refuge: 

  • Buddha (the enlightened mind)
  • Dharma (teachings and acts to reach the enlightened mind)
  • Sangha (the community that helps in reaching the state of enlightenment).

 Taking refuge in these three jewels helps one in living with consciousness and utilize one’s time on earth in the best possible ways so that one doesn’t get stuck in the repeated karmic cycle of life and death again and again.

Taking refuge in these three jewels

Our step towards diving into the three jewels may not change our lives overnight but certainly with utmost sincerity, we will get all the required clarity step-by-step. With faith and dedication we will find ourselves closer to the true purpose of life “Nirvana”! 

As His Holiness Dalai Lama says” eliminating negativity and cultivating positive activities is not possible merely by changing our physical or verbal behavior. It can be done only by transforming the mind. In the practice of Buddhism, our goal is to attain nirvana and the state of Buddhahood.”

So, in order to achieve this ultimate goal, it’s crucial that we take a foundational step by committing self to the five precepts of Buddha:

  • Do not harm any living being.
  • Do not steal.
  • Respect each other.
  • Speak kindly of others.
  • Avoid actions that are harmful to your body and mind. 

If the commitment is there, Buddha will certainly pave a way for one to align with Him and overcome all the obstacles in the path of “Nirvana”. 

Conclusion :

In the words of the Founder and Executive Director of Chakrasamvara Center, Ms. Hoang Mai DechanLa “At Chakrasamvara Centre (CSC), my aspiration/goal is to lead you into the deep path of enlightenment. The highest achievement of becoming one with the mind of compassion and consciousness.

Eventually fully liberated from samsara so you can be in Emptideness having the embodiment of the Buddha and not to return to the vicious cycle of reincarnation”.

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