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New realization for your heart: Own your role in the School of Life

We all take birth on this physical human realm on the basis of past karmas. We learn our Karmic lessons and liberate ourselves from one Karma to another Karma. This Karmic Cycle continues until we have finished all the Karmic lessons. Many times, we struggle to cope up with the situations and we get distressed

Here, we should remember that our life is like a Netflix movie or a show and we are its leading actor. So, we should take part in our real-life movie with grace as our soul embrace to take on a certain role! This role is completely dependent upon the results of the Karmic choices we made in our previous lives.

On this physical plane, we have to learn and rehearse our lines so well that we can act our parts with excellence. This way there’s no need for retake after retakes. Especially, we have to work on ourself so much that we leave no cliff-hanger that cause us to keep coming back for another endless seasons or unnecessary episodes that no longer serve us any purpose!

While blunders in a Netflix series can still be corrected within limited time and efforts. However, blunders of karmas in our real-life movie may take us a whole lifetime and even many next lifetimes to make a correction. So, our consciousness plays a huge role in the success or otherwise in our lives.

Don’t worry about other actors and actresses leading and acting out scripted parts! We are not competing with anyone else but it’s our own unique movie and our unique role as an individual. By the end of the day, we are just human beings coming in this set up of Earth, boxed in by contracts to complete our karmic connections and patterns to play out our parts that haven’t resolved or dissolved yet!

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  1. James

    Every interaction with others is a lesson that can be learned from. Really like the Netflix analogy Thant’s for the insight.

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